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Jammed finger or something worse? Here’s what to look for

If you or your children play sports, especially basketball, jammed fingers are common play. The good thing is that most jammed fingers do well with conservative treatment of ice, buddy taping, and rest.  However, there are a few things to look for just to make sure it’s not a bit more serious.  Take a look […]

Just sprained my ankle: should I get it an X-ray or not?

Basketball season is upon us and one of the most common injuries suffered during games and practice is the ankle sprain.  Most sprains are inversion sprains due to the bony structure of the ankle having more protection on the lateral part of the ankle.  As a Physical Therapist,  the question I get asked the most […]

Youth basketball and weight training: is it safe?

      Basketball season is upon us and that means many parents now find themselves at the helm of their child’s basketball team. Most competitive athletes are looking for methods to become more explosive, jump higher, and increase their speed.  Well, look no further than the weight room!  Early teenage years are a great […]

Acute management of a contusion

One of the advantages of playing basketball two times per week with aging weekend warriors is that I’m never at a loss for blog material. Once again, I was a popular guy today. Let’s recap today’s injuries: right lateral ankle sprain, jammed fingers, kicked in the calve, and “tweaked” lower back. Today I will quickly […]