Happy Hour Meditation with Elizabeth

Tuesday drop in Meditation Sessions starting 9/2/2014, by donation only

Buddha by the water
‘Happy Hour’ Meditation with Elizabeth

Join us for free form Silent Meditation with guided intro and end
Beginning Tuesday September 9th, 6:00-7:00pm and to continue every
Tuesday thereafter. ALL ARE WELCOME! Optional to bring cushion
or mat; will have a few chairs and mats available.
Registering not required but appreciated. Please call 360.715.8686.

There is no charge for the classes as sessions held by donation only.

We invite you to bring an intention to meditation.

Hope to see you on a Tuesday,
Ed and Elizabeth






Into the Stretch Workshop with Kit Laughlin

September 12-14, 2014

We are pleased to be joining Maria and Geoffrey Knight of the Pilates Studio of Bellingham  in hosting Kit Laughlin’s “Into the Stretch” workshop in our clinic gym September 12-14, 2014.

This workshop is open to all and registration is currently open. Spaces will be limited so register soon if you are interested! Follow the link to Kit’s website for more info

The workshop should be great and the first time in Bellingham, hope to see you there!


3rd Chakra and self-love

November 18th,2013 3-5 pm


As we carry into November we want to invite you to join us for the upcoming Expanding Pathways class this Sunday November 18th from 3-5 pm.

In October we learned how to deepen our ability to feel and observe, then focused on how we think of versus how we feel about ourselves. We settled into the 2nd Chakra and discussed issues that present themselves in the physical body when we have become disconnected to our feelings.


In November we embrace the 3rd Chakra, the physical body structures and illnesses that are associated with it and the importance of feeling our individual power at the center of self-love. We will go deep into gratitude of self and begin to learn about detaching from our old patterns of self-judgment and giving our 3rd Chakra a dose of Thanksgiving.
We hope YOU will join us!

The class is only $20 and will be co-led by
Elizabeth Deboo & Mimi Meggyesy

Please contact us today at (360) 715-8686 to RSVP for the Sunday 10/28/12 3-5 pm class.


Please be sure to visit the Expanding Pathways website for more information!



Stepping Into Authenticity  Sunday 10/28/12  3-5 pm class.

Greetings! We hope that you are enjoying all of the gifts that fall has brought us, such as crisp cool air, colorful leaves and pumpkins on your doorstep.

As we roll through October and nearly into November we want to invite you to join us for the upcoming Expanding Pathways class this Sunday October 28th from 3-5 pm.

Last class we discussed how to begin to feel what is the truth inside you beyond what your busy, overactive mind might be telling you.  We practiced being the observer and the feeler of both ourselves and others, and touched on finding neutrality.  In the October class we will take a step closer to deepen our ability to feel, observe, find neutrality and truth through intuitive insights, meditations, and take home tools.  The last class was not a prerequisite and we would love to have you join us and participate from exactly where you are!!

These classes have been so memorable previous participants will tell you that each class takes on a life of its own due to the amazing individuals who attend.  We hope YOU will join us!

The class is only $20 and will be co-led by Elizabeth Deboo & Mimi Meggyesy

Please contact us today at (360) 715-8686 to RSVP for the Sunday 10/28/12  3-5 pm class.




It’s all about…..Making it Real

March 21st 7pm-9pm

This class is about taking action in your world with new beliefs, new words, new habits, new values and new truths…making meditation and exercises we practice in our own private space come alive in the experiences of our daily life.

Please call (360) 715-8686 to register or if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Have a great day,

B.E.A.S.T. Camp Fall 2011:

Camp was a huge success!  Thanks again to all the parents who brought in their children to let me teach them about movement strategies, ways to increase their strength, and just have fun.  Stay tuned for news for upcoming camp dates and times.  Enter your email address on the left side of this page  to automatically get updates on future classes and dates,

 Thanks again,

Ed Deboo, PT

What is B.E.A.S.T.  camp?  Field and court sports, such as basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and tennis have components of athleticism that can be dramatically improved with training. B.E.A.S.T. camp trains these 5 essential components of athleticism:


Balance, Explosiveness, Acceleration, Strength, and Technique


Boys and girls ages 10-14 under the guidance of a licensed Physical Therapist will skip, jump, squat, learn acceleration and deceleration techniques, jump rope, play competitive games, improve foot work, somersault, improve reaction time, and just plain work hard!!


Current state of youth sports:  As many parents know, early specialization in just one particular sport is becoming common and is often encouraged by well meaning coaches to give our children an advantage over the competition.  It is a widely held belief that children who focus year round on one sport will excel and surpass their peers who only casually play the sport.   I would agree completely with this statement for a minority of the children, not the majority.  As a Physical Therapist, I’ve worked with numerous children who have a great passion for a sport at age 11 and then have completely abandoned the sport by their late teen years.  The three main reasons:  burned out, repetitive strain injuries and the fact that it’s “just not as fun as it use to be”.


My view of youth sports:  As parents, our main focus with sports for our children should be to help them develop “athleticism” by introducing them to a variety of motor activities, both simple and complex, to help them solidify proper movement patterns while their central nervous system is still “plastic” and readily adapts to new stimulus.  By exposing our children to multiple sports and activities, we are helping to nurture their motor development. As we age, our quality of life is directly related to our level of physical activity. Just to clarify, I’m not against children having a “main” sport that they love and would willingly play year round.  As parents, we need to understand the benefits of taking some time off from their main sport and expose them to different activities.   The best athletes in all sports are almost always the most athletically diverse.


The more sport specific the athlete is, the harder it is for them to acquire new and complex motor skills outside of their current skill set.  Exposure to multiple complex motor activities will not only make you a better athlete in your sport of choice, but it will sow the seeds for a lifetime of health through physical exercise by reducing injuries.


Youth sports and injury rates:  There are over 40 million young athletes across the United States that participate in organized sports.  This also leads to about 3.5 million reported injuries per year.  Some injuries are unavoidable, but other serious injuries can be minimized through the proper training and the correcting of faulty movement patterns.

For example, did you know that a young female athlete is more than 4 times likely to tear her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) of her knee when compared to a boy of similar age and size?  This type of injury usually requires surgery and research studies have shown that the reconstructed knee will more than likely show “advanced degenerative changes (arthritis)” by the time the athlete is in their 30’s.  Many theories have been proposed as to why females have a greater injury rate: poor trunk and motor control, asymmetrical landing from jumps, quadriceps dominate movement patterns, and weakness of their gluteals.


All of the above risk factors can be minimized through proper training.


“Training” versus “Practice”:   With early sports specializations comes the emphasis on “practice” for the particular sport.  In the context of basketball, practice can be defined as your skill building with dribbling, rebounding, plays, passing, etc.


What is lacking is the emphasis on “training” which can be defined as the essential components of most sports:  agility, footwork, balance, strength, coordination, acceleration/decoration, and change of direction.  “Training” makes you a better athlete, regardless of your sport.


Thus the birth of ….


B.E.A.S.T. Camp 

 For additional information and to download a registration form, follow the link below.  Class size is limited, so register early if you’re interested.

Official Beast Camp Registration and Waiver Fall 2011



Ed Deboo, PT