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Treat and stretch the subscapularis of the rotator cuff

We are blessed with abundant recreational activities to do in Bellingham, but most of them need a healthy shoulder.  Trigger points in the subscapularis of the rotator cuff can be a major player in shoulder pain.  However, the muscle can be difficult to find and treat.  Watch the video below to learn how to identify, […]

Should Runners Stretch? Not if you can do this…

As a Physical Therapist in Bellingham, I treat a lot of runners and the same question comes up: Do I really need to stretch?  I have them do this simple scan exam to see if they have the mobility and flexibility needed to safely run.  Check it out and let me know if you have […]

Posture Stretch Therapy Class at the clinic, Saturday June 13th ~Presented by Maria and Geoffrey Knight

My friends, Maria and Geoffrey from the Pilates Studio of Bellingham, are offering another 1 day workshop at my clinic, June 13, 2015.  Details are below, I highly recommend the class, they are very well trained and just fun to be around!  If you would like to register, please call them (360-527-8663) and get signed […]

We are all connected ~ Leah Vong, OTR/L

When we think about the body, we need to consider it as a whole… a connected unit. For example, as far as the pelvis is from the neck and the liver from the shoulder, one can still have a profound affect on the other and on our global movement patterns. I just took a class […]

Stretch Class with Pilates Studio of Bellingham

Clear your calendar and save the date!! The Pilates Studio of Bellingham is offering a one-day stretch workshop on November 8th, 8:30-2:30. This is a great opportunity to learn stretching techniques from 2 of Bellingham’s best, Maria and Geoffrey Knight. Call the studio to register, 360-527-8663 more class info is below: “Come one, come all […]

Static vs dynamic vs contract/relax stretching: when to use each technique effectively

I’ve been asked multiple times about the different types of stretching and when to best implement them in to your fitness program. This blog will try to clear up some confusion regarding the different types of stretching and when they are the most effective.First of all, why stretch? As we know, the human body was […]