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Tired of recurrent lower back pain? Add this exercise to the routine

Lower back pain is often recurring and one of the reasons could be a weak multifidus.  Imaging studies show that this muscle is often replaced with FAT if we don’t strengthen it!  What are you waiting for?  Let me know if you have any questions, Ed Deboo, PT Bellingham, Physical Therapy

2 Daily exercises to help reduce neck pain

Many instances of neck pain are due to repetitive postural strain. Forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and winging scapula are just a few postural deviations that can effect neck pain. Learn 2 exercises that you can do daily to help reduce your neck pain and stiffness. Please leave any questions down below in the comment […]

Shoulder video: How and why to strengthen your rotator cuff

This is the 3rd of 3 videos on the Shoulder.  Please watch the first 2 if you haven’t already (see the two previous posts).  As we age, our rotator cuff slowly starts to thin and in many seniors completely tears making overhead movements very difficult.  We all need to be on a rotator cuff strengthening […]

Shoulder video: Part 2 of 3 Diagnose your own shoulder

Here is part 2 of my shoulder series. In part 1, I explained the basics of the rotator cuff as I believe there is power in knowledge. The more you understand about how your body works, the better you are able to help it. If you haven’t watched part 1, take a few minutes and […]

Physical Therapy Video: Shoulder pain: Rotator cuff Basics for Dummies Part 1 of 3

Hey everyone, My daughter Hope’s basketball season is coming to an end so my weekends are freed up a bit and I’m back making videos to help you guys the best I can! I have just posted a series of 3 videos on the Shoulder: What the rotator cuff is, How to diagnose your own […]