Monthly Archives: April 2017

Thinking about lower back surgery? You may want to listen to this famous coach’s advice.

Although lower back pain can be debilitating, surgery should be your last option. Take a look at this short video to hear the Warriors coach’s opinion on his back surgery. Please let me know if you have any questions ~ thanks, Ed Deboo, PT Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA  

How to treat hand swelling after shoulder surgery: PT video

Hand or forearm swelling after shoulder surgery is a fairly common occurrence and can be quite painful and very limiting functionally. This swelling is often caused by a lack of lymphatic flow of the arm and can be helped with exercises. Learn how to assist the lymphatic flow to help “drain” your arm and regain […]

PT video: Time saving core workout

Check out this short routine that works both the deep and superficial core musculature in just a few minutes, Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks, Ed Deboo, PT Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA

Physical Therapy Video: The RIGHT WAY to get out of bed

Why stress your back just getting in and out of bed?  Check out this short video and let me know  if you have any questions, Thanks! Ed Deboo, PT Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA

Taking Lyrica for sciatic pain? May want to read this

Are you taking Lyrica for sciatic pain? You may want to check this out: A small study in Australia has found that pregabalin – a drug more widely known under the brand name Lyrica — works no better than a placebo at relieving leg pain caused by sciatica. The findings, published in the current issue […]