Monthly Archives: June 2016

Should Runners Stretch? Not if you can do this…

As a Physical Therapist in Bellingham, I treat a lot of runners and the same question comes up: Do I really need to stretch?  I have them do this simple scan exam to see if they have the mobility and flexibility needed to safely run.  Check it out and let me know if you have […]

Wall Squats with a ball squeeze: Not a fan of this exercise

Patient: Hey Ed, just started working with a local trainer and she’s having me do wall squats while I squeeze a ball between my knees. I’ve heard I shouldn’t do this exercises but I don’t know why, help! Ed: Kudos for working with a trainer. I’m not a fan of this exercise because of the […]

I have pronated feet: Should I be concerned?

“Hey Ed, I’ve been told I have pronated feet. What exactly is that and do I need to be concerned, thanks, K.B.” Hi K.B. if you look at the picture, you can get an idea what a pronated foot looks like. First of all, pronation is not the root of all evil in the world. […]

Jammed finger or something worse? Here’s what to look for

If you or your children play sports, especially basketball, jammed fingers are common play. The good thing is that most jammed fingers do well with conservative treatment of ice, buddy taping, and rest.  However, there are a few things to look for just to make sure it’s not a bit more serious.  Take a look […]