Monthly Archives: May 2012

Another reason to exercise: watch the inspirational video of an injured paratrooper who regains his life!

You may have already come across this video about Anthony, an injured paratrooper who can barely walk and his quest back to health.  It’s very inspirational and most importantly, gives people hope.  Check it out, then go for a walk!

What to expect from rotator cuff surgery

Summer’s almost here and many of you are spending long hours in the garden and having a blast.  However, nothing stops you right in your tracks quite like shoulder pain.  A shoulder injury is bad enough, but the thought of needing rotator cuff surgery is downright daunting.  Understanding the healing process and what to expect […]

A few thoughts on knee pain in the older adult population.

A few thoughts on knee pain in the older adult population: Knee pain in the middle and older adult is often characterized as “osteo-arthritis” and a total knee replacement is often in the conversation.  However, if upon x-ray, there is no significant arthritic changes in the knee the joint, having a joint replacement may not […]